From Pyrlandia

chien de montagne des pyrénées

19 October 2019 - CLUB SHOW of KPP (CZ)

Judge:  Alain Pécoult (F)

60 pyrs

I'm so proud and happy for absolute great results and critique of our "from Pyrlandia" treasures and also of all descendants of Miralles 

A huge THANK YOU is for all owners for they love and care. ♥

official club album with all results you can find here on  FB:


Foor Coudy from Pyrlandia (baby class) - VP 1 (from 7)
Eneou Roi from Pyrlandia (puppy class) - VP 2 (from 2)
Flori Alissane from Pyrlandia (baby class) - VP 2 (from 6)
Claire Marie from Pyrlandia (open class) - Ex 1, CAC (from 6)
Douce Jolie from Pyrlandia (open class) - Ex 4
Deedee Leah from Pyrlandia (open class) - VG
descendants of MIRALLES du Mas de Beauvoisin:
Bo Red Sunset (inter.class)- Ex 3 (from 6)
Dusty Babylon Bohemia (inter.class)-VG
Coudy Babylon Bohemia (open class) - Ex 1, CAC (from 7)
Gaston z Baldoufa(open class) - Ex 4
Portos Pomniejsze Bóstwa (open class) - Ex
Dori Rebiesky Gaj (junior class) - Ex 1, CAJC (from 6)
Diana Rebiesky Gaj (junior class) - VG 4