From Pyrlandia

chien de montagne des pyrénées

14 October 2023 - CLUB SHOW of KPP

judge: RICHARD CAPEL (France)

68 pyrs entered

Results of our "from Pyrlandia" kids ♥

FOOR COUDY from Pyrlandia - Exc 1, CAC in champion class (5 males)
GABASTON BOY from Pyrlandia - Exc 2, r.CAC in champion class (5 males)
ILYAS AADEN from Pyrlandia - Very Good in open class (9 males)
LARRENS IROS from Pyrlandia - Exc 4 in junior class (10 males)
LEENA EMERYSE from Pyrlandia - Exc 2 in junior class (10 females)
JAEL LINEA from Pyrlandia - Exc 3 in intermediate class (4 females)
INAYA BESSIE from Pyrlandia - Exc 3 in open class (13 females)
IOLETTE GEMA from Pyrlandia - Very good in open class
BEST COUPLE (from 4)
GABASTON BOY from Pyrlandia and INAYA BESSIE from Pyrlandia

I am really so so proud of all ♥ This are absolutely great results from one of the most important show of pyrenean breeds, where always judge an specialist of our breed, so judging are strict and very detailed. I am very thankful to owners of our from Pyrlandia descendants that they were there and represented our "from Pyrlandia" kennel so perfectly.  ♥ THANK YOU, you are the best ♥

club show of KPP