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chien de montagne des pyrénées

"From Pyrlandia" PUPPIES ♥



♥ we have puppies ♥

If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel, do not hesitate to contact us for more informations



born : 06 March 2022

10 puppies (from 14)

6 males and 4 females

♥ all puppies have their owners ♥



Ouzous Du Massif De l'Esterel (HD A, PL 0/0, DM clear, CMR1 clear) x Amanda Red Sunset (HD A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0) 


24 June 2022

Karretou Casou is for now with his new family.

20 June 2022   

Karretou Casou is available for now after a canceled reservation due to family reasons, so we are looking for the right owners for him.

Karretou is happy and sweet male puppy with very nice head and really strong and well balanced body. 

For more informations do not hesitate to contact us please .

All pictures of Karretou are on his own FLICKR gallery

All pictures you can find on our  FLICKR gallery. 


23 April 2022   

All pictures of puppies at FLICKR . 


11 April 2022   

All pictures at FLICKR . 


29 March 2022   

All pictures you can find on  FLICKR .

Except Amanda's milk, the puppies have been feeding by raw meat as their first supplement since 18 days. In good weather they are most of the day out and they start to get used to the sounds, the smells of the surroundings and of course to the other members of the dog pack.  


20 March 2022   

All pictures on  FLICKR .

First deworming of puppies done :) and some of them have their eyes open ♥


13 March 2022   

First photo shooting of puppies.

All pictures in FLICKR gallery

Each puppy there has their own album to which we will add photos as they grow. 


06 MARCH 2022   

The birth lasted almost the whole day, Amanda sometimes took longer breaks between the puppies, but otherwise everything went well. Unfortunately, because there were 14 puppies, it happened that some of them had their placenta relaxed  before their born, and so 3 females were born dead and we were unable to revive them. We lost the fourth female ( who was probably too compressed in the uterus and sometimes had breathing problems) on the fourth day. So we have 6 strong males and 4 beautiful females.



5 January 2022

 The mating were in France - and it was only one time mating. Mating was natural and without problems. Thank you very much Julie, owner of Ouzous, that I could used her dog. Except his great exterior I chose him mainly for his origin. It is already very difficult to find a stud dog that has purely Belgian - French lines. I hope that in combination with our strong and tall Amanda we can expect a very interesting litter.. 

previously litters



born : 01 December 2021

8 puppies

4 males and 4 females


 father: Miralles du Mas de Beauvoisin 

mother: Gisleene Daira from Pyrlandia




born : 20 August 2021

11 puppies

5 males and 6 females


 father: Miralles du Mas de Beauvoisin 

mother: Monique del Monte Gariglione 



born : 12 February 2021

4 puppies

3 males and  1 female



 sire: Pirineus du Hogan des Vents 

dam: Amie Linelle from Pyrlandia 



H  litter

born : 7 June 2020

8 puppies

4 males and  4 females 



 sire: Jason de la Vallée de la Livenne  

dam: Amanda Red Sunset 



G litter

born : 10 January 2020

8 puppies

 4 males and 4 females


 sire: Jason de la Vallée de la Livenne  

dam: Amie Linelle from Pyrlandia



F litter

born : 6 May 2019

3 puppies

2 males and 1 female


 sire: Coudy Babylon Bohemia  

dam: Amie Linelle from Pyrlandia



E litter

born : 8 February 2019

8 puppies

 4 males and 4 females  


sire: Portos Pomniejsze Bóstwa 

dam: Amanda Red Sunset 



D litter

born : 14 August 2017

9 puppies

 2 males a 7 females 


 sire: Furygan des Brumes de la Comtée

dam: Amanda Red Sunset 



C litter

born : 24 September 2016

10 puppies

7 males and 3 females


 sire: Miralles du Mas de Beauvoisin

dam: Amie Linelle from Pyrlandia



B litter

born : 11 October 2015

3 puppies

3 females


 sire: Miralles du Mas de Beauvoisin

dam: Cornela z Baldoufa



A litter

born : 4 April 2013

8 puppies

2 males and 6 females


 sire: Crassus Blatka

dam: Cornela z Baldoufa