From Pyrlandia

chien de montagne des pyrénées


born: 7 June 2020

8 puppies

4 males and 4 females




CH. Jason de la Vallée de la Livenne (HD A, ED 0/0) CH. Amanda Red Sunset (HD A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0) 


6 weeks

19-21 July 2020 - the puppies are already moving for all over the garden and they are learning about normal life in our dog pack, they are learning new things and situations in which they are helped by their mother Amanda, but especially our youngest members Hera and Monique "Chant" ♥

all new pictures you can find like always on FLICKR :)

37 days

14 July 2020 - puppies successfully climb their playpen at this age :D so they spend most of their time moving around the whole yard together with other members of our dog family :D ♥ 

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28 days

6 July 2020 - NEW PICTURES of puppies you can find on their PROFILES or in FLICKR albums ♥

21 days

28 June 2020 - The puppies are out all day and they got to know the other members of our dog pack. Most of the time they just sleep in the shade - the days are really hot. 

 all their PICTURES on Flickr   ♥

20 days

27 June 2020

18 days

25 June 2020 -  milk milk milk :) ♥

15 days

22 June 2020 - the puppies are growing, gaining weight, training to walk and already having their eyes open :) 

 all their pictures you can find in Flickr albums   ♥

9 days

16 June 2020 - all pictures you can find on Flickr gallery of each puppy   ♥

5 days

12 June 2020 - all pictures of puppies you can find in their own galleries HERE ♥


7.6.2020 - The delivery of puppies started in evening. First puppy came to the world 8:30PM and the last 11:00PM. The birth was really short without any problems. Amanda and babies are OK, strong and with great health condition.

We have eight beautiful puppies, all with lovely markings and all with complete double dewclaws ♥ We are really proud of mom Amanda ♥



6-7 April 2020 - We was really satisfied what Jason gave to puppies from our last G litter. So, when "pandemic situation" canceled our abroad mating plan, we decided use him also for Amanda for our H litter. Fingers crossed for same qualities like we had in our last litter. It will be interesting to compare them. 


PEDIGREE of H litter