From Pyrlandia

chien de montagne des pyrénées



male with markings - in his home (SK)

MOULOUK AYROS from Pyrlandia


male with markings - in his home (CZ)

MEO FARROUK from Pyrlandia


white male - in his home (SK)

MELVYN ISCO from Pyrlandia


white male - in his home (SK)

MANOIR LORRIS from Pyrlandia


female with markings - in her home (AT)

MUSINEE EDALINE from Pyrlandia


female with markings - in her home  (CZ)

MOIRA AUREA from Pyrlandia


female with markings - in her home  (SK)

MAEYLEY LAVIE from Pyrlandia


white female - in her home (SK)

MOELLE AYDIE from Pyrlandia



born : 03 June 2023

8 puppies

4 males and 4 females



Oroix du Royaume d'Ursita  x  Gisleene Daira from Pyrlandia

                              (HD A)             (HD A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, OCD free)

7,5 weeks

25 July 2023

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6,5 weeks

19 July 2023

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6 weeks

15 July 2023

Today the puppies were vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed for the third time and completely examined by our most perfect vet and they are still waiting for a check from the club. They already move around our whole garden together with the "adults" and learn the basics of functioning in a dog pack. Theybuilding habits of behavior towards dogs of different status and age. For me, this is the most important moment and I see a huge importance in it for the development of the puppies. But on the other hand, it's also a big stress for us, considering that our pack is quite large and varied, the puppies are exposed to a lot of situations, which include intensive guarding, which often includes situations when a "herd of Pyrs"  roars towards the fence. It would be easiest for me to have the puppies behind the fence and let the adult dogs near them from time to time, but that cannot even be compared to a "free" life in a dog pack.  Thanks to these different everyday situations, their mental development is literally rocketing forward. They are really very clever and I can say that they very quickly understood where each dog has its limits, for example who is the king of the pack and who is their almost equal friend :D We have not easy situatin with taking photos, because we have so hot days and the dogs are mostly just holed up in cold places and of course the puppies too.

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10 July 2023

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03 July 2023

 NEW pictures of puppies from M litter ♥

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22 June 2023

Except to mother's milk, the puppies are already fed raw meat, goat's milk and homemade rice porridge made from goat's milk. Every day they develop very well, improve in movement and learn something new. 

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14 June 2023

Our M babies are 12 days. Mom daira is great her care and patient. The puppies are gaining weight and are slowly starting to open their eyes. ♥

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05 June 2023

 first pictures of puppies from M litter ♥

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3 June2023

Puppy birth started on Saturday after lunch and the last puppy was born before midnight. Daira gave birth without any problems, just like in her first litter. 4 males and 4 females were born and all of them have double dewclaws. Birth weights were in the range of 500g - 650g. We have 5 markings and 3 white puppies. Mom Daira and the little ones are fine and so lovely ♥.


3 April 2023

Daira is a great female for a long trips, everything new is a wonderful experience for her and she is very happy to travel somewhere. Therefore, we had no problem choosing a male for her, which is really far from us - 1300 km - in Italy. So for Daira, we chose Oroix, who comes from the well-known long-time breeder and judge specialist Elena Vespa. Oroix du Royaume d'Ursita is a young male who lives on a farm near the town of Benne Vagienna (province of Cuneo). He and Daira fit each other very well and are really similar in the type but also in behaviour. Both are very balanced dogs, excellent guardians of the yard, but at the same time very gentle and kind. It was one time mating and of course in a natural way.