From Pyrlandia

chien de montagne des pyrénées



born : 1 December 2021

8 puppies

4 males and 4 females



Miralles du Mas de Beauvoisin (HD A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0) x Gisleene Daira from Pyrlandia (HD A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, OC free) 

7 weeks

22 January 2022 -  taking pictures of puppies ♥

new pictures of all puppies are

  in FLICKR 

The puppies have already been vaccinated, dewormed for the third time, chipped and examined by our veterinary. They run with other adult dogs all over our yard and discover the laws of the real dog-pack. Father Miralles raises them strictly, but he is close to them non-stop and takes care of them. Daira still feeds them, so except dry food and meat, they still have mother's milk :) They change every day and it can already be seen that they are gradually ready for another adventure with the new owners.

39 days

8 January 2022 -  new pictures of puppies ♥

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Despite the minus temperatures and not very nice weather, puppies are out all day, they still go to bed inside at night. They get acquainted with the "world arround" and with other members of the dog pack. The youngest members of our pack devote themselves to puppies intensive education. 

25 days

25 December 2021 -  new pictures of puppies ♥

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Daira is really excellent mom. She still feed puppies really great and regularly. But in order for puppies development to progress every day, from the 20th day, in addition to their mother's milk, they also enjoy raw meat and milk for puppies.

14 days

14 December 2021 -  huge photo shooting of puppies ♥

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01 December 2021 -  Daira started giving birth on the 68th day of the unplanned litter, but as we later found out it was a really successful mating with Miralles. The birth was natural, completely without complications and lasted 5 hours. Daira gave birth to 4 males and 4 females. Birth weights were range from 400g to 650g and all puppies have double dewclaws. Two all-white puppies were born (both males), the remaining 6 puppies have beautiful strong markings.


25 September 2021

It was not planned matting. We wanted to mate Daira during her next heat and we had another dog chosen for her. But our Miralles had his own plan :) He mate Daira on first/second day of her heat (practically she hasn't even started yet), which we can finally see in the fact, that she gave birth puppies on the 68th day after the day of mating.