From Pyrlandia

chien de montagne des pyrénées


               born: 8 February 2019              

4 males and 4 females


PORTOS Pomniejsze Bóstwa (HD A, ED 0/0. PL 0/0) GCH. AMANDA Red SUNSET (HD A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0) 




2 April 2019 - puppies photoshooting (7,5 weeks) ♥

and than just fun :)

30 March 2019 - puppies are 7 weeks ♥

21 March 2019 - 41 days  ♥

Puppies from 5th week running free at all our yards with all dogs. They learn all things what mean be a part of this big dog-pack. Pyr puppies are so clever and they have not any problem of this situation. Yes, sometimes it is dangerous, especialy when old dogs run so fast and play so hard :) but for us this is so important. This is the best socialization and school for rest of the life of each puppy. 

:) little snack ... ♥

17 March 2019 - puppies are 37 days

New pictures of each puppy you can find on their profiles

m_winnie2019_Elitter_5w_480.jpg  m_roi2019_Elitter_5w_190.jpg

m_orry2019_Elitter_5w_539.jpg  m_ezar2019_Elitter_5w_412.jpg

m_sky2019_Elitter_5w_830.jpg  m_lara_2019_Elitter_5w_920.jpg

m_estom2019_Elitter_5w_798.jpg m_lillien2019_Elitter_5w_402.jpg

16 March 2019 - puppies are 5 weeks old and here you can see new video ♥

13 March 2019 - puppies are 33 days old 

New pictures of our puppies you can see on profile sides of each of them

text_WINNIE_mini_2019_Elitter_4w__534.jpg text_ROI_mini_2019_Elitter_4w__695.jpg text_ORRY_mini_2019_Elitter_4w__589.jpg text_EZAR_mini_2019_Elitter_4w__420.jpg

text_SKY_mini_2019_Elitter_4w__483.jpg text_LARA_mini_2019_Elitter_4w__331.jpg text_ESTOME_mini_2019_Elitter_4w__649.jpg text_LILLIEN_mini2019_Elitter_4w__190.jpg

8 March 2019 - puppies are 4 weeks old and were secound times dewormed

5 March 2019 - first introducing with our dog-pack

Gradually, puppies are introduced to other members of our dog family and they discover outdoors life ♥

... more pictures in each puppy gallery ♥

2 March 2019 - first time outside

Sun was shining beautifully today,so it was the right time put our babies first time outside :) 

1 March 2019 - yeah..simply loud puppies :D 

They enjoyed fresh meat first time and the milk of goat and ... still wanted more ;)

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28 February 2019 - puppies are 20 days old ♥

The first feeding from bowl was met with great enthusiasm: D Babies were very smart and the milk was gone in a few seconds. 

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26 February 2019 -playful puppies ;) 

First steps were change by first games, exploring siblings, toys and another members of our dog pack :) 

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23 February 2019 - new picture added ♥

more pictures you can find on puppies profiles

22 February 2019 - puppies are 2 weeks old and were first times dewormed

17 February 2019 - Each puppy has its own profile and gallery ♥

text_winie_promo_mini2019_day_9_030.jpg text_orry_promo_mini_2019_day_9_099.jpgtext_ezar_promo_mini_2019_day_9_164.jpg text_eneou_promo_mini_2019_day_9_235.jpg

text_lara_promo_mini_2019_day_9_052.jpg text_sky_promo_mini_2019_day_9_203.jpg text_lillien_promo_mini_2019_day_9_312.jpg text_estome_promo_mini_2019_day_9_346.jpg

8 February 2019 - four girls and four boys were born ♥


5 - 6 Dec 2018