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chien de montagne des pyrénées


                born: 24.9.2016              

7 boys and 3 girls


CH. AMIE LINELLE from Pyrlandia (HD A, ED 0/0, PL free) x CH. MIRALLES du Mas de Beauvoisin (HD A, ED 0/0, PL free)


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CH. MIRALLES du Mas de Beauvoisin
(HD A, ED 0/0, PL free)
INOUCK du Mas de Beauvoisin
Ciachi du Valle de Joli Jaunter HD A Vi´Skaly´s Pyro Sati
Sandybear´s Saki
Laudley Dolly Daydream
Sayot´s Jaunty
Japonica HD A
Pyrlace Invincible Theodor
Sayot´s Gallent Galaxy
Anaelle du Mas de Beauvoisin HD A Neou du Néouvielle
Estom du Comte de Foix
Pastoure du Mas de Beauvoisin
Tessa du Mas de Beauvoisin HD A Fort de Gabizos
Lanouck du Mas de Beauvoisin
Zilan du Mas de Beauvoisin Neou du Néouvielle
Estom du Comte de Foix
Pastoure du Mas de Beauvoisin
Quampille du Mas de Beauvoisin HD B Fort de Gabizos
Lanouck du Mas de Beauvoisin
Satyagraha for Pyrtection Ciel don Diego d\'Aneto Quibbletown Double Time
Willomore Clever Trick CD
Pyrtection Dora Maar Pyrfection Arielles Song O\'nt
Fidelity Select Pyrfection
CH. AMIE LINELLE from Pyrlandia
(HD A, ED 0/0, PL free)
Valmont du Royaume d\'Ursita
Nousty du Néouvielle Estom du Comte de Foix
Pastoure du Mas de Beauvoisin
Resol Ourouk Du Rocher De L\'aigle
CH.Holly Farma Stekot
Sandybear´s Saki Sayot\'s Zircon
Koko de la Griffe d\'Ours
Barbie Farma Stekot Costa von Huttenbuch
Aconge z Mondagoru
C.I.B, Multi CH. CORNELA z Baldoufa
(HD A, ED 0/0, PL free)
Pista Farma Stekot
Highland´s Nordic Dreamer HD A Highland´s Samson Caliente
Highland´s Nordic Ansu
Linda Farma Stekot
Troubat de la Commanderie au Gonfanon Beauceaunt
Barbie Farma Stekot
Airine z Baldoufa
Cyro Mountain
Almanach HD A
Aaron von den Weissen Rackern
Alisa Mointain Almanach
Dixie Filipuv Dvur
Ares z Liszgoveho Dvoru
Annabelle Filipuv Dvur
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13. january 2017 - Matti & Raul - last times together

Matti went to his new home today ♥ ♥ ♥

6. january 2017 - we loove sunny and snowy days 

2. january 2017 - Raul and Matti -  fun all days 

Boys are growing from day to day :) Both are really big strong puppies full of love, happiness and gread mood. They are playing all day and doing pleasure to all of us ♥

31 december 2016 - end of the year 2016 ♥

Matti & Raul on our last walk in 2016 ♥ ♥ ♥

complet GALLERY you can find on flickr :)

DSC_0004.JPG DSC_0001.JPG

21 december 2016 - walking cross the frozen land ♥

3 december 2016 - Cloe & Colette last day with us :(

 1_12a_046.JPG  1_12a_054.JPG

2 december 2016 


... girls soon will travel to their new families so here are "few" pictures :) ...

Boys Can Matthias and Cael Raul are still AVAILABLE. We pray for them great home, because they are so adorable, strong, lovely and playful boys. So we hope, that soon we will found for them right families. 

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us

27 november 2016 - one funny day :)


26 nevember 2016 - Clovis Marin went to his new home ♥


25 november 2016 - crazy "five" last time together :D



21 november 2016 - only five babies say with us :(

After this weekend only 5 darlings stay here.

Lady Claire Marie and four "musketeers" Cassimir Louse, Corin Léonard, Calvin Leroy and Carmelo Antony joined their new families.

We believe they all will be happy and will be great buddies, perfect guardians and beautiful diamonds in the gardens. :D ♥ 

We miss them so much,  but we are so glad that they have great owners:  tolerant, loving and patient - we hope :)


their last pictures:

          ♥ CALVIN LEROY ♥              ♥ CARMELO ANTONY ♥            ♥ CORIN LÉONARD ♥              ♥ CLAIRE MARIE ♥                ♥ CASIMIR LOUSE

CALVIN1_11e_087.jpg CARMELO1_11f_152.jpg CORIN1_11c_064.jpg CLAIRE1_11e_074.jpg CASIMIR1_11c_1401.jpg

Our other five darlings :) Cloé, Mari, Colette, Raul and Matti

XXX1_11f_613.jpg XXX1_11f_510.jpg XXX1_11f_011.jpg

15 november 2016 - 7,5 weeks old darlings

Two long and hard days of photo shooting :D

You can check it on own profile pages of each puppy.

1_11d_394.JPG 1_11c_269.JPG 1_11d_353.JPG 1_11c_812.JPG 1_11c_126.JPG 1_11c_1445.JPG 1_11c_501.JPG 1_11c_1065.JPG 1_11c_089.JPG 1_11c_1515.JPG

15 november 2016 - last days together like our "lovely ten"

9 november 2016 - puppies are 46 days old

Our puppies were today identified by the microchip and first time vaccinated.


4-8 november 2016


2 november 2016 - lovely visit day :)


30-31 october 2016 


26 october 2016 - puppies are 32 days old

Finaly sunny day :)

Puppies were secound time wormed.


24 october 2016 - day 31

The puppies are one month old and this is real great age to start to discover the world around. After rainy days, the weather became better. The puppies hadn´t problem with absolutely anything. As usually the youngest member of our dog pack was the responsible one of them. Actually the turn is on our little Bety, 4,5 months old puppy of our new national hunting breed, the Tatras hound. Mother of the puppies Linelle, explane her how to babysit and she enjoyed more free time. But the main babies guardian is our 7 years old little Drusso, an experienced "second daddy" of our two previous litters. Another members of our pact as usually only said Hello to the puppies without any intervention and the supervise over our ten babies. Proud daddy Miralles keeps himself close to the puppies and watch them with love ♥


20 october 2016 - new pictures of 27 days old puppies

New pictures you can find in their own profiles ♥ 

XX1_10g_242.jpg XX1_10_f_181.jpg XX1_10g_526.jpg XX1_10_f_096.jpg

XX1_10g_117.jpg XX1_10g_360.jpg XX1_10g_323.jpg

XX1_10g_147.jpg XX1_10g_037.jpg XX1_10g_559.jpg

20 october 2016 - babies have 27 days

All our darlings are growing so fast and they are drinking milk from a common bowl  like pro ♥ 

18 october 2016 - day 25

Our babies are 25 days old and they already have their first video. Look how adorable they are. :) ♥ 

13 october 2016 

Puppies are 20 days old. They are first time wormed. 

In their own profiles you can find new pictures ♥


XX_DSC_0058.jpg XX_DSC_0128.jpg

XX_DSC_0228.jpg XX_DSC_0153.jpg

6 october 2016 

Puppies are 13 days old and their eyes are slowly "waking up" ;) All the time, they are hungry and they really love moms milk and eat so much. The puppies are changing from the hour to hour, so another photo shoot was necessary :D It was really fun. More pictures you can find in the own profile of each puppy ♥ 

4 october 2016 

Linelle is really great mom and we are so so proud of she ♥ ...

2 october 2016 

Best times are with mom  ♥ ...

1 october 2016 - we are one week old babies

Now we have 7 days. All days we are sleeping and eating and so we are bigger and bigger. Today was a special day, because we made our first photo shoot. Some of us were happy and some not ;) 

See how adorable we are ♥ ...

24 september 2016 - we are 10 siblings ♥

Hallo world, we are here. :) Our mother Linelle gave birth us for seven hours as a queen in the bed and then we moved into our own room.  Mum is amazing, really the best in the world, not only because she is ours but mainly because she loves and protects us.