From Pyrlandia

chien de montagne des pyrénées



znakový psík  (SK)

DEVIN BALE from Pyrlandia (D litter)


znakový psík  (PL)

DELROY LOWELL from Pyrlandia (D litter)


znaková fenka  (PL)

DEA LEONA from Pyrlandia (D litter)


znaková fenka  (CZ)

DEEDEE LEAH from Pyrlandia (D litter)


znaková fenka  (CZ)

DOUCE JOLIE from Pyrlandia (D litter)


znaková fenka  (SK)

DARLENE BREE from Pyrlandia (D litter)


znaková fenka  (SK)

DELLA ALORA from Pyrlandia (D litter)


znaková fenka  (NO)

DEB MALLORY from Pyrlandia (D litter)


znaková fenka  (SK)

DELIAH CARINE from Pyrlandia (D litter)

     DOB: 14 august 2017    

     9 puppies    

7 females and 2 males



 GCH. AMANDA Red SUNSET (HD A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0) x FURYGAN des Brumes de la Comtée (HD A)



9 strong babies was born in our kennel on 14 august ♥ We have 7 ladies and 2 boys.

Brave mom is AMANDA and proud dad is big french boy with lovely expression FURYGAN.   Since Amanda was little puppy we dreamed to mate her with this smiling boy. So we are over the moon ♥


GCH. AMANDA Red SUNSET (HD A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0) x FURYGAN des Brummes de la Comtée (HD A)


♥  DIARY  of  PUPPIES  ♥

5 December 2017 - 16 weeks

With her new family is for now also sweet girl Carine and now here is really silent :) 

So last baby girl Alora has for her crazy play time only adults. 

1 December 2017 - 15 weeks

Deb Mallory traveled yesterday with her new owner to far Norway. She was so brave and did travel perfectly. We are very proud of her. So another pyr baby missing here :( Happily we have so much snow and still some fun.♥

29. November 2017 - 15 weeks

27. November 2017 - 15 weeks

26 November 2017 

In few days our Mallory leaves our home , so we enjoy last times together ♥ 

20 November 2017 -  14 weeks

We have first snow and so this is right time for long and lovely trip in our beautiful surrounding of our village. 

All pictures you can find in big gallery :) 

walk with lovely trio

15 November 2017 -  13 weeks

♥ ♥ ♥  our lovely trio enjoy each day ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ Deb Mallory (13 weeks)  and Belle Noemie (2 years) ♥ ♥ ♥

6 November 2017 -  12 weeks - three sisters on another trip

We socialize puppies the best we know. We go for short trips by car to unknown places for the pups. And we learn our babies to walk on a leash and they are really perfect and make progressive step by step. ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ Deb Mallory, Deliah Carine a Della Alora ♥ ♥ ♥

4 November 2017 -  DELLA ALORA & DELIAH CARINE

2 available girls for a right home

4 November 2017 -  Bree today leaves to her new family

3 November  2017 - 11 weeks

Last days of "foursome" ♥

♥ Sunshine, warmth, great mood - such ideal for taking photos in the show poses :D 

30 October 2017 - 10 weeks

Four adorable witches are finally enjoying days without rain :)

26 October 2017 - 74 days


♥ mom AMANDA and her girls ♥

25 October 2017 - 73 days


Our two lively sweethearts went to their new homes - Jolie and Deedee. 

We are so happy that both girls will be live with people who are for us as a family.

We hope that these two torpedoes will makes their lifes beautiful. :D

So last four girl pack stays here  :)

Deb Mallory and Darlene Bree,which are reserved, but must wait for the right time to leaving

and available Della Alora with Deliah Carine, which still waiting for their "right" new owners  ♥

15 October 2017 - 63 days

After this weekend only 6 girls stayed here :)

Delroy Lowell "Gustaw" and Dea Leona are in their new perfect homes.

Both puppies will live in Poland and we wish them a long life full of happines and love.  ♥

12 October 2017 - 60 days

Lovely DEVIN is for now in his great new home, so only 8 darlings on the pictures.

7 October 2017 - 55 days

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

6 October 2017 - DARLINGS  are 54 days old and they are AWESOME ♥ ♥ ♥

We have a door open almost every minute for visitors, so our babies are maximum socialized, contact, fearless and cheerful - they are simply AWESOME ♥ ♥

Yesterday our puppies successfully passed the litter check by vice president of our club. He checked every puppy - its chip, bite, paw standing, dewclaws etc. The puppies were great and really enjoyed it ♥ ♥

MALLORY_2017_54days_089.jpg ALORA_2017_54days_055.jpg JOLIE_2017_54days_019.jpg

DEVIN_2017_54days_108.jpg CARINA_2017_54days_008.jpg DELROY_2017_54days_158.jpg

DEEDEE_2017_54days_215.jpg BREE_2017_54days_027.jpg LEONA_2017_54days_170.jpg

29 September 2017 - 47 days

"We live in a free world
I whistle down the wind
Carry on smiling
and the world will smile with you
Life is a flower 
so precious in your hand
Carry on smiling
and the world will smile with you" ♥

27 September 2017 - 45 days

The puppies are already moving safely across the whole garden between all members of our dog family. They have learned that their place in the DOG PACK is the lowest, they already know that adults are not for play, they have to obey and have a natural respect before them.


Miralles has begun his "father" position like always and he never leaves the puppies alone . He is their guardian, but he is very strict with them. He knows that if he removes his tough mask, nine little rascals would bump his head at the moment without any respect. :) 

More pictures of our little rascals here you have :) I think, that you can see how happy, satified and full of energy they are ♥ They enjoy every possible moment of the day :)

25 September 2017 - 43 days

Babies are 6 weeks old and this is the right time for chip, vaccination and third deworming. 

We are very pleased with our vet, who came directly to us and thoroughly supervised and checked health of all puppies.

Everybody was doing really great and we must be proud ♥

22.9.2017 - 40 days

all pictures you can find in personal gallery of each puppy profile

Devin__2017_day40_606m.jpg Mallory_2017_day40_394m.jpg Delroy_2017_day40_683m.jpg

Alora_2017_day40_826m.jpg Deedee_2017_day40_980m.jpg BREE_2017_day40_450m.jpg 

Leona_2017_day40_1131m.jpg Jolie_2017_day40_107m.jpg Carina_2017_day40_338m.jpg

14 September 2017 - 32 days

Show photo shoot for the first time Tongue Out

6 September 2017 - 24 days

Our Bety is great nanny and friend for puppies ♥ 

4 September 2017 - puppies discover the outside world and new family members

Puppies are three weeks and it is still warm out, so it was the perfect time to first hours spent outside.They had their first contact with grass, stones and outside sounds. Our house is in a busy location and next to a military airport, so the sounds were really varied. New photos of each puppy can be found in their personal gallery on their sub pages. 


1 - 3 September 2017 - first visits

Puppies have had their first visits during the weekend days.

They did it super, and especially mom Amanda was incredibly tolerant of all the strangers people. 

During the weekend, all kids have learned drinking milk from the bowl and so they are a little more clever :) 

27 august 2017 -  day 14

Puppies were first time dewormed...

25 august 2017 - 12 days behind us

Babies are opening eyes, so pictures must be :)

In puppies own profiles you can find all pictures on their flickr gallery ♥

21 august 2017 - puppies are 8 days old ♥


18 august2017 - new pictures of each baby :)

Delroy_2017_4dni_243_mini.jpg Devin_2017_4dni_121_mini.jpg Jolie_2017_4dni_098_mini.jpg

Della_2017_4dni_063_mini.jpg Deedee_2017_4dni_179mini.jpg Deb_2017_4dni_170mini.jpg

Carinka_2017_4dni_213_mini.jpg Leona_2017_4dni_007_mini.jpg Bree2017_4dni_021_mini.jpg

16 august 2017 - profile pages of puppies with their photo galleries ♥

Each puppy already has its own profile page and its gallery :)  

You can find them on the page of  D litter .

15 august 2017 - puppies now got their names ♥

So today we thought so hard about puppy names ... and so ..  Let us introduce them :)  


14 august 2017 - 9 beautiful puppies we have :)

Today noon our Amanda gave birth 9 darlings, absolutely trouble-free and easy during 4 hours. Seven girls and two boys born with markings and with birth weight between 500g and 750g. We really enjoy it, because they are our summer flovers ♥


14 august 2017 - we are here ♥

 9 strong puppies ♥ 7 girls and 2 boys

our parents are so so proud of us :) ♥ 



15-16. June 2017 in France