From Pyrlandia

chien de montagne des pyrénées

19 April 2019 - CLUB SHOW of KPP (CZ)

I am so happy and proud that so much descendants of Miralles were participated on this important show in Czech rep. and doing great with nice words from judge. Also I am so proud of our DeeDee Leah from Pyrlandia, young nice girl from our D litter.

complet gallery with all results you can find on club FB page of KPP

Judge: Jean-Jacques Dupas (FR)


DeeDee Leah from Pyrlandia (20 months - intermediate class) - Excellent 2 (from 4)

(Amanda Red Sunset x Furygan des Brumes de la Comtée)

potomci Mirallesa:

Cassie Babylon Bohemia - Excellent2 res. CAC (from 5 in champion class)

Coudy Babylon Bohemia - Excellent 4 (from 9 in open class)

Portos Pomniejsze Bóstwa - Excellent 3 (from 9 in open class)

Dori Rebiesky Gaj - Excellent 4 (from 9 in junior class)

Diana Rebiesky Gaj - Excellent  (from 9 in junior class)

Dexter Babylon Bohemia - Very good 4 (from 8 in junior class)

Dusty Babylon Bohemia - Very good  (from 8 in junior class)