From Pyrlandia

chien de montagne des pyrénées

16 October 2021 - Club show of KPP (CZ)

Brno, judge: Elena Vespa (Italy)

From our kennel participated at this club show in junior class Hescou Belmont from Pyrlandia, in intermediate class Gabaston Boy from Pyrlandia, in champion Foor Coudy from Pyrlandia and in open class Flori Alisanne from Pyrlandia.

Many thanks to the owners for representing us at the shows. I am very pleased with the really beautiful critiques from such a strict judge as Mrs. Vespa definitely does.

In addition to our offspring, we kept our fingers crossed and anxiously waited the results of Miralles' descendants. 

Official club gallery with results you can find here:

our results:

Hescou Belmont from Pyrlandia (junior cl.) - Excellen 3 (from 5)

Gabaston Boy from Pyrlandia (intermediate cl.) - Excellen 1, CAC (from 3)

Foor Coudy from Pyrlandia (champion cl.) - Very good 1 (but with excellent critique ♥)

Flori Alisanne from Pyrlandia (open cl.) - Good

results - descendants of Miralles :

Coudy Babylon Bohemia (open cl.) - Excellent 1, CAC (from 9), BOS 

Cassie Babylon Bohemia (champion cl.) - Very good 1 (due to lighter color of eyes,but with excellent critique)

Dusty Babylon Bohemia (champion cl.) - Good (due to not good pigmentation of nose)

Bo Red Sunset (open cl.) - Excellent 4 (from 9)

Cindarella Apaltasunez (intermediate cl.) - Excellent 1, CAC

Cécile Apaltasunez (intermediate cl.) - Excellent 2, res. CAC

Colette Apaltasunez (intermediate cl.) - Very good 3

club show of KPP